• Our Mission & Vision


    We will initiate, create and distribute clean energy technologies that will enhance the well-being of all mankind to the global community.


    We believe our energy must be safe, reliable, abundant, affordable and available to all mankind.

    Our History

    On March 11, 2011, Japan was struck by a tsunami which devastated and created havoc throughout this island nation.

    The Fukushima meltdown triggered by the tsunami highlighted our vulnerability even when we have the best back up systems in place.

    The failure of backup systems has left this country and parts of the world dealing with the threats of radioactive fallout. It became apparent that nuclear fission simply isn’t a safe and clean form of energy.

    This event was the catalyst for Clean Planet.

    In 2012, Clean Planet was created out of the need to better understand how we as a society can grow and prosper while protecting and providing peace and security for our future generations because we believe that a clean, safe and abundant source of energy is the key for the future of our global community.