• Our promise

    Human beings have been given the gift to continually adapt to our environment. Regardless of the situation, we have always overcome these obstacles and emerged stronger with a better sense of moving forward. We can adapt biologically over hundreds, even thousands of years as it relates to our genetic make up. When we are faced with making a decision out of necessity, profound shifts can occur.

    We currently live in a global society that is primarily dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear fission. It drives our economy, our geopolitics and our distribution of wealth. With the depletion of our fossil fuels and the degradation of our environment, add to that; the risks associated with nuclear fission, it is now necessary for us to seek cleaner, safer, and more abundant forms of energy.

    With the recent advances made in material science and technology, we are no longer dependant only on these forms of energy. There are exciting new energy technologies on the cusp of transforming our belief in how energy can be generated. Now we can utilize cleaner, safer, and more abundant resources such as solar, geothermal, LENR(also known as cold fusion), and wind to supply our energy needs.

    Clean Planet is determined to provide assistance in making these technologies the major providers for our energy needs to our global community.

Current News

December 2015
We will co-host the 20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF-20). [Link]

October 2015

Japanese government has started to support our clean energy project with Tohoku University. [Link], [Report]

August 2015

Tadahiko Mizuno and Hideki Yoshino's paper was published on the JCF website. [Link]

July 2015

NIKKEI NEWS released an article on our clean energy project. [Link]

June 2015
NIKKEI NEWS released an article on our project. [Link]

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