• Hideki

    Founder and CEO

    Mr. Yoshino is a former Founder and Chairman of GABA Corporation which is one of the leading educational institutions in Japan. He is also an active Clean Energy Investor. He is encouraging the scientific community to place a renewed focus in LENR.

    His extensive experience in business and industry has contributed to the facilitation of new initiatives towards his ultimate goal of providing clean, safe and abundant energy to our entire global population while protecting the natural environment for our future generations.

    "We are on the cusp of transforming our world into a place where all of mankind can prosper and feel free to express and realize their dreams. We have the knowledge, the resources and most importantly the passion to solve this challenge. Clean Planet’s major objective is to initiate, create and distribute clean energy technologies to our global community which will enhance the well-being of all mankind".
    Hideki Yoshino


    Director: Hideki Yoshino, LL.B, M.Sc.
    London Business School MSc in Finance, University of Tokyo BA in Law

    Director: Shotaro Hirano, CPA
    Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Keio University BA in Economics

    Director: Takehiko Itoh, MA
    Kyoto University MA in Science, Kyoto University BA in Science

    Auditor: George Ikegawa, CPA
    Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Hitotsubashi University BA in Commerce